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As New Jersey urban and large suburban centers continue to redevelop, revitalize and expand, they are attracting the interest of more and more businesses and organizations that not only want to relocate to their thriving municipalities, but also tap into an accessible local workforce and resources.  Local government officials are also increasingly advocating for local job creation programs and other community benefits from businesses that wish to expand or seek to call their locality home.

Accordingly, Open Door Media has extensive experience in creating strategic partnerships between the private and public sectors, devising communication, job recruitment and training strategies and work with local and regional communities to create coalitions in New Jersey’s major population centers.

We routinely work with key decision-makers in the Governor’s office, Department of Labor and Workforce Development and other interested governmental stakeholders who can provide financial and programmatic assistance to businesses interested in creating recruitment and training programs locally or statewide.   For years we have worked with and in New Jersey’s diverse communities, know its histories and customs, relevant interest groups and political leaders, and the different and effective outreach methods needed to achieve success.